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non-profit organizations

Your social mission = Our creativity

Our dedicated team understands the crucial importance of your work as a nonprofit organization, and we are here to help you significantly enhance your visibility. At Maison Generis, we believe in the power of stories to foster engagement and create a lasting impact.

That's why we strive to create content that captivates your target audience and strengthens support for your cause.

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Advertising Video

Speak loudly and broadly with our impactful advertising videos. We transform your message into a memorable visual experience, spreading your cause in a meaningful way.

Whether you're looking to reach a wider audience or increase your impact, our advertising videos will captivate your audience and strengthen your online presence.


Content Adapted to Social Media

Dominate social media platforms with our tailored content. We create impactful messages that capture attention and drive engagement, building your digital influence.

Our expertise extends beyond video, with content tailored specifically to social media. Shape your online identity and expand your reach with creative that accurately reflects your mission.


Partners in Your Mission

Maison Generis goes beyond simple content creation. We become your dedicated partners in promoting your social mission, working hand in hand to contribute to a better world.

Our commitment goes beyond words and images. By collaborating with us, you benefit from a team dedicated to amplifying the impact of your organization. Contact us today to find out how we can bring a more powerful vision to life for your cause together.

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Our satisfied customers

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